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January's  Giving & Serving
"Take heed that ye do not your alms before men,
to be seen of them: otherwise ye have
otherwise ye have no reward of your Father
which is in heaven.
Jesus ChristMatthew 6: 1
   GIVING and serving are the two thoughts of this passage. As to giving, Christ seems to take it for granted that His followers in every possible way will relieve human sorrow and want. He does not command them to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and deliver the oppressed, but in His life shows how these exercises are the natural outcome of a loyal love. For the true Christian no commands are needed on these lines. There is, however, danger that men will give for the sake of attracting attention and securing applause. Here "take heed." He who gives from love to God shall have reward, and may not concern himself whether his gifts are unknown or known; but he who gives for the sake of human commendation, or human recognition of any kind, shall have no reward, save such as comes from the hollow praise of men. All truly Chrisian giving is spontaneous and self-forgetful.
   As to serving, this is to spring from the same unselfish motive. We are not to do righteousness that we ay be personally commended, but that we may commend Christ. In all our deeds our one aim should be to lead men into the acceptance and obedience of the gospel. the more vital our Christianity the more completely do we lose ourselves in the one purpose to attract men to Christ and cause them to share in His great salvation.

Rev. J. E. Twitchell, D.D.        
Dwight Place Congregational Church     
Cambridge, Massachutsetts

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