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   We have tried our utmost to ensure that all the web pages that we have links to are above reproach for their content. We can only assume that the links from their pages are also as well-screened. Pages with Christian content are included because of the value that they hold for the believer, and although we fervently endeavor to choose sites that have a Biblically correct stand, they may or may not hold to the exact doctrines of "Sealed People". Please exercise the God given command to:
"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." {I Thessalonians 5:21}

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Christian Links



The Bible, online, Old and New Testaments
Complete with Strongs concordance Greek and Hebrew definitions.
This is better than your own bible program. It's free!


Some very good articles found in a very good fundamental Christian magazine


A growing archive of the history of great Christian hymns,
really wonderful and interesting facts, and even more than that.
If you only subscribe to one weekly newsletter, this should be it. It is for me.


Some very serious Bible Study.
Well worth your while to take a look.

Sermon Outlines by Dr. J.B.Williams

If you have a couple of hours or days to spare, why not read just about everything that Charles H. Spurgeon ever wrote.

If you like the devotions on our 1st page see -- "The J.R. Miller Archive"
They intend to have all of Dr. Miller's works online one day. Well worth checking out!!!


A very good place to buy tracts online
"Moments with the Book"

Don't forget us. Tracts Online
We do not sell tracts, but we do have them online for you to witness there.


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Non-Christian Links


A wonderful online bookstore
You can search a large number of used book stores for old and out of print books.

The one hundred percent, absolute, for sure, correct time.

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