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Use your computer to reach souls through the Gospel of Christ
   The computer is rapidly becoming the favorite mode of communication in the world. We earnestly beseech all Christians to use their computer communications as a tool to place the Gospel of Jesus Christ in front of all those whom they contact.
May God bless your online witness

Linking email Send as an email Linking to your Web Page

Witness by: Linking your email -

   Either by linking a word with the use of the hyperlink button on the top right of their email, or by placing the address of a tract link on the bottom of their letters.
   I link both ways. Sometimes I'll add a line at the bottom of my letters like

Would you like to take a Quiz?
Do not Click Here
How is your Heart?
and hyperlink either the whole line or the main word to the corresponding tract. Sometimes I just place the address after my signature and hope that curiosity does the rest.
Sincerely yours,
John Doe,

Witness by: Sending the whole tract as an email -

While online at the tract you wish to send.

 1: Click Mail at top right hand in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

 2: Click Send Page.

   You will now see the tract page as an email. If you wish to add your own note, place your cursor on the top or bottom of the tract and write what you will. You may have to change the color of your text depending on the background color of the tract.
   Type in recipient's name and send. The tract will be sent complete, with your added text, tract text and Gifs, as a letter in their mail. If you are working off line it will send the page as an attachment only, without Gifs.

   I am sure Netscape has similar properties.

If not, here is where you can download Internet Explorer.

Witness by: Linking your web page to a Gospel Tract -

    After deciding upon the best tract for your page:

  1. Place your cursor anywhere on this page and click the right mouse button.
  2. Scroll arrow down to the View Source option and click left button.
  3. Enlarge the window by left clicking the middle box of the three boxes on the top right corner of the pop up window.
  4. Scroll down to the very bottom of the window.
  5. Scroll up to the tract you wish to link to and highlight the text.
  6. Copy and Paste that text into the html document of your page.
The links below are what you will see on your page
if you copy / paste text contained in link window.
Please feel free to change them in any way you think appropriate.
To delete gifs, delete < IMG SRC > tag
If not, gif may load quicker if you copy gif image from tract and place on your server,

If you require any help at all, please feel free to ask: online@tracts.ca    




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