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II Corinthians 12:9 (My life verse)     

"My grace is sufficient for Thee," I know
      Is a promise that's true wherever I go,
Whether I'm all alone or out in the throng,
      I depend on that promise to help me along.

I know that to Paul that promise was true;
     'Twas the grace of the Lord that helped

him to do
What the Heavenly vision, received on his way,
      Had shown him to do and told him to say.

Grace gave him power to preach to a king.
      When in prison 'Twas grace that helped

him to sing;

When beaten with stripes or wrecked on the sea,
      "My Grace," he recalled, "is sufficient
for thee."

It has been many years since Paul lived and died,
      But in that same grace must I ever hide;
My strength is too weak, I cannot endure,
      But my hope in God's grace shall ever
be sure.

I'll live and I'll die, and then by that grace,
      I'll see my dear Saviour, and that face to face
I'll tell Him I love Him, my Saviour so fair,
    Who helped me to conquer while living
down here.
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Evangelist and Pastor, Dr. Marvin Lewis