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Dr. Marvin Lewis'


and sermon themes poems and readings
   Contained within these pages are 25 sermon themes able to pierce your very spirit and soul, sprinkled with tenderness and humor, salted with truth, and most lovingly presented by a humble, yet holy man, Dr. Marvin Lewis.
   He has also included 25 hand picked poems, individually selected for their deep spiritual value. These selections are meant not only to bless the reader, but to excite the Christian conscience to a deeper love for God and also to provoke that same Christian to a more holy life.
   This book was published in the early forties by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and sold for 25 cents. Truly, if this is Dr. Marvin Lewis' two bits worth, his two bits worth is worth two billion.
Free books, poems, and sermon helps. The tongue of the just is as choice silver:(Proverbs 10:20)
Inspiration or Poems
Information or Readings
       # Introduction to Poems #

1. The Touch of the Master's Hand

2. Our Changeless Christ

3. He Held His Peace

4. Too Little

5. Ther Faithful Preacher

6. The Bread of Life

7. A Refiner's Fire

8. Trusting Him Who Knows

9. Will I Pray?

10. Ask, Seek, and Knock

11. Make Me an Inercessor

12. The Gospel

13. Set Apart

14. No Time for God

15. Indifference

16. The Crossroads

17. Crown or Cruify

18. Seeking Those Things

which are Above

19. Safety Amid Worries

20. Six Rules for Daily Life

21. God Ever Cares

22. My Presence

23. Resist Not the Spirit

24. In a Moment

25. to Bring Back the King


1. Behold the Lamb of God

2. Not Conformed

3. God's Sufficient Grace

4. Open Thy Mouth Wide

5. The Bible

6. Sin in the Camp

7. My Shepherd

8. I Love the Lord

9. Saul of the Old,

Paul of the New

10. All Tears Wiped Away

11. Concerning Jesus

12. Worldly Amusements

13. Able or Cain

14. Three Hevrew Children

15. Daniel in Den, King on Throne

16. Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man

17. Two Theives

18. The New Birth

19. Destroying the Accursed

20. Execpt the Lord

21. Faulty Christians

22. Unequally Yoked

23. Filthy Rags or Christ

24. The Second Coming

25. The Second Coming (cont.)


Evangelist and Pastor, Dr. Marvin Lewis