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Dr. Marvin Lewis'


   The following twenty-five contrasts are taken from verses of Scripture containing the word But. Many of them show forth the power of man in contrast to the power of God; others show forth the terribleness of sin in contrast to the great grace of our Lord. "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" (Romans 5:20). My prayer is that these words, written in a humble and prayerful spirit, may mean as many blessings to the reader as they have meant to the writer.
Dr. Marvin Lewis loved our Lord Dr. Marvin Lewis(1913 to 1997)
  1. No Wages, But a Gift

  3. First Things First

  5. Jesus Found Him

  7. Penniless, But Powerful

  9. Plain Preaching-Persecton-Glory

11. The Living Word

13. Profession Without Possession

15. Entangling Alliaces

17. God's Chastening Hand

19. The Beauty Contest

21. Fighting Against God

23. The Tide Changes

25. For Me and My House

  2. "But God"

  4. Prayer For a Prisoner

  6. God's "Why"

  8. The Finished Transaction

10. He is Able

12. Sin's Penalty

14. "As By One Man"

16. Binding, Blinding and Grinding

18. "Whosoever Wills" and
         "Whosoever Won'ts"

20. Where to Look

22. Divine Company

24. Proving the Lord

Evangelist and Pastor, Dr. Marvin Lewis