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Dedicated to:
Dr. Marvin Lewis
and his wife Dorothy
A chronological devotional through the four Gospels  
        covering the earthly life of Christ our Lord.                
                        by J R Miller (1887)

Dr. Miller's Preface to
"Come Ye Apart"

It takes but a minute to send a gospel tract to a lost soul,           
or a short devotional to a Christian friend,                       
                        and though that mere minute may seem but a trivial space of time,
            any one minute set aside to lift a soul towards God
is a minute abundant in eternal value.


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             "Come Ye Apart" {Mark 6: 31}


      The volume of a year's readings has been prepared in the hope that it may prove daily food to some earnest children of God in their life of care, struggle, and duty. It is made to cover the earthly life of our Lord, from its beginning to its close. The texts are selected from the several Gospels, following the order of Robinson's "Harmony." The book thus provides a year's daily readings on the story and the words of Jesus.
    The readings themselves are only fragments of thought suggested by the texts. They are neither exegetical nor expository, but are rather practical and devotional hints. The author's aim has been to put a life-thought on each page, 末a word that may give a little glimpse of some phase of the beauty of Christ, or unveil in some of our Lord's sayings a suggestion of duty or of encouragement or of comfort. The book has but a single aim 末to honour and glorify Christ in the eyes of those who follow its pages.
    There is a tendency to leave the Bible out of the closet. We hear a great deal of earnest counsel concerning secret prayer. We are urged both to open and close the day at God's feet. We are taught that prayer is the Christian's vital breath. And not a word too much can be said on this subject. If we would live strong, noble, beautiful, radiant, and useful Christian lives, we must get seasons of secret prayer into all our busy days. But we must take our Bibles with us into the closet. While we talk to God, we must also let God talk to us. God feeds us through His Word. It is "into all truth" {John 16:13} that the Holy Spirit leads Christ's disciples. Seasons of prayer without meditation on some word of God cannot yield the full blessing that we need.
    For devotional pondering it is well always, however much of the Scripture we may read besides, to fix our thought on some one verse or clause, taking it as a word for the day. It is in this way that it is hoped this book may prove a help in the closet. Its daily text, with the few words of practical suggestion that accompany it, may help the reader to make the day's life more beautiful, more victorious, more radiant, more beneficent.
    Life is hard for most of us; at least, it is hard to live nobly, grandly, purely, Christianly. We can do so only by getting a great deal of help from Christ. We need, therefore, daily to heed His invitation, "Come ye apart." {Mark 6: 31} In communion with Him we shall receive strength and blessing to enable us to fulfil our mission of obedience and ministry in His name. We shall rob ourselves therefore, of divine anointing and divine help if we do not make room in our busiest days for quiet retreats from noise and strife, 末apart with Christ, where we may sit at His feet to hear His words, or lie on His bosom to absorb His spirit, for the refreshing and transforming of our own livs. A sweet-voiced poet thus writes of "The Vally of Silence";末

  In the hush of the valey of silence
    I dream all the songs that I sing;
And the music floats down the dim valley,
    Till each finds a word for a wing,
That to hearts, like the dove of the Deluge,
    A message of peace they may bring.

But far on the deep there are billows
    That never shall break on the beach;
And I have heard songs in the silence
    That never shall float into speech;
And I have had dreams in the valley
    Too lofty for language to reach.

And I have seen thoughts in the valley,末
    Ah me, how my spirit was stirred!
And they wear holy veils on their faces,
    Their footsteps can scarcely be heard;
They pass through the valley like virgins,
    Too pure for the touch of a word.

Do you ask me the place of the valley,
    Ye hearts that are harrowed by care?
It lieth afar between mountains,
    And God and His angels are there:
One is the dark mountain of sorrow,
    And one the bright mountain of prayer.

    It is only in the valley of silence with Christ that we can dream the dreams and see the visions which we desire to translate into actual life and character among men. There alone can we get the heavenly inspirations and impulses for holy earthly living. Only in the mount can we be shown the patterns of the sacred things which our hands should fashion in this world.
    This book is sent out with the earnest prayer that the Holy Spirit may use it to bless some of the Father's children by helping them to get better acquainted with Christ, and to get grace, peace, and joy from Him.

James Russel Miller           

Last words of Dr. Miller's biography

    ....Dr. Miller lives on the earth to-day, and will live while the earth stands. For though his name may in time be forgotten, the work that God enabled him to do will never perish.

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